Orthopedic Corrections & Orthodontic Treatments

An overbite, underbite, crossbite,  and other such concerns are possibly an indication of a skeletal component to your malocclusion. Evaluation and treatment may be necessary to address a skeletal pattern that is not harmonious. Orthopedic problems may or may not be as visually noticeable as crooked teeth however they can have a lifetime effect on your health. This includes headaches, dizziness, painful jaw and/or facial sensitivity, fatigue, worn teeth, tinnitus and Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), and even malnourishment.

Orthopedic (jaw alignment) corrections are addressed differently in different age ranges.

For Young Patients

For younger patients, we may be able to address the orthopedic (jawline) correction orthodontically. This may include, but is not exclusive to, Rapid Maxillary Expansion to address a narrow palatal vault that may have been caused by a multitude of reasons and may be inhibiting your child’s ability to breathe comfortably through their nose.

For Adolescents

For adolescents, we have a variety of orthodontic appliances to enhance proper orthopedic growth and development. These may include mandibular repositioning appliances such as HERBST and MARA and FORSUS.

For Adult Patients

For adult patients, we will guide you through orthodontic and orthognathic (surgical) corrections to your treatment. We work very closely with highly qualified professional surgeons in achieving the optimal surgical correction for you.

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